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Welcome to the e-portal of Information Technology Park, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (ITP), an environment for technological entrepreneurs especially those in Information and Communication industry.

To develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem at ITP is a micro-initiative by the Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City to enhance simultaneously three vital factors to the development of Vietnam’s economy, including:

(1) Enhance innovation capabilities

(2) Improve technological readiness

(3) Improve the quality of the workforce in the Information and Communication industry

Our definitive vision for this initiative is to create an enriched environment for startup ventures to grow start and grow into quickly scalable business, becoming an important integrated parts of a developing economy.

Established on the technological infrastructure funded by the government since 2003 at the gateway of Vietnam National University Town, ITP will push forward collaborations and partnerships with public and private skate holders to provide businesses, especially startups, with the necessary resources to assure their successes. Unlike other projects, both governmental and public resources are contributed to the building of ITP sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

ITP welcome and value all innovations from stake holders to jointly help build ITP into an incubation center for startups, pushing the border for innovations in Ho Chi Minh City region.

Welcome to ITP, together, we will help build the future.

Nguyen Anh Thi, Director of ITP.