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Thời gian: 30-06-2018

Nami Blockchain Hackathon

Blockchain technology has impacting every industries and we are looking for the great minds to help solve new business problems using blockchain technology and its application. Nami and Expara are now launching blockchain hackathon to seek a unique solution to business problems and make real change happen.

Here is the problem statement: What business problems can you solve using private blockchain as the potential of new technology ? What are the applications can be applied using smart contract on this technology?


Hackathon offers a unique experience to participants—the rare opportunity to get their ideas working on a blockchain technology and smart contract application. The hackathon serves as a gateway to promote blockchain technology in solving real-life business problems, with the intention of nurturing the next generation of blockchain, smart contract application ideas and start-ups.  

The 48-hour hackathon will be held from the 14th to 15th of July 2018 at 23 Street 44, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. During the two-day event, participants will have a chance to work on a blockchain technology and smart contract application as well as attend workshops on entrepreneurship.

Selected participants will stand a chance to win 1st prizes worth a total of $5,000 and other additional perks. 2 second teams to seize the 2rd prize at $2,000, and 3 teams with creative ideas to seize creative prizes at $500.

The deadline for submissions is the 30th of June 2018.

Link submission: https://goo.gl/forms/31Yt9AmIPySeU2R22