The “Pitching Demo Day” program was successfully held at 13:30 on December 5 with the enthusiastic participation of candidates participating in calling for investment capital from CiC 2021.

Through the training session, the contestants exchanged and shared with experienced brothers and sisters in raising capital and looking for project groups with high growth potential for investment.

Not only that, the two speakers – Mr. Le Hoang Nhat and Ms. Quyen Nguyen shared a lot of useful information to help project teams gain more knowledge, how to successfully raise capital in the presentation to raise capital in front of investors. Investors.

CiC would like to thank all of you who participated in the program. CiC hopes that you will have more useful knowledge to become your luggage to help you be more confident in the upcoming “CiC 2021 investment call” program.

Let’s take a look at some pictures from the “Pitching Demo Day” program:

“Pitching Demo Day” Program

Mr. Le Hoang Nhat

Ms. Quyen Nguyen

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