On the afternoon of September 12, the Pitching session took place successfully with many notable points. First of all, the teams had a very impressive presentation, each team put in great effort to present their project with intense question and answer sessions with the judges.

Not only that, this pitching session is an opportunity for the teams to show their creativity and breakthroughs of the project to the audience who are interested in starting a business through the live stream of the presentation.

And the Organizing Committee would like to express its sincere thanks to the judges for taking the time to evaluate, give their valuable comments and experiences to the contestants, contributing to the success of the lecture. past program.

Organizing Committee also congratulates the contestants who have passed the challenge of Round 4 – Breakthrough. Hope you guys will continue to keep up the good form and show your best in the final race of CiC 2021!

Let’s take a look at CiC’s memorable images during the presentation:

Presentation on Top 10 Vietnamese Tables Round 4 – Breakthrough

Contestants participating in the presentation program choose Top 10 Vietnamese Tables Round 4 – Breakthrough

Contestants participate in feedback with the Jury

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