Besides the excellent teams that won prizes in the final program, the remaining groups of contestants, although they could not reach the highest title, spent their best moments with their presentations and tried to pass 5 rounds. of the projects have left a deep impression on all those who follow and the organizers. By reaching the Finals of CiC 2021, you are all winners and have shined in your own way.

BTC wants to send the Top 10 projects the title of “Potential Seeds” as a certification for the efforts of the competing teams. In addition to giving certificates, the organizers also have a small gift as encouragement and congratulations for the competing teams. BTC hopes that the groups will firmly continue on the path of entrepreneurship to continue to achieve your goals.

BTC congratulates the winning teams of the 6th season of CiC’s “Potential Seeds” with prizes including: 2,000,000 VND/prize (in cash)

High School Student Board


CiC168 – Ojasvati

CiC172 – Anti-water shock device for motorcycles

Bảng Sinh viên

CiC081 – GCollectors


CiC137 – WEVOL

CiC220 – InTerior

CiC243 – Vi Viet Hotpot

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