Today, August 8, 2021, the TOP 30 candidates in the High School participated in the presentation of Round 3: Confirming CiC 2021. The online program took place extremely successfully and well.

At the presentation, the groups had very convincing presentations, demonstrated their business models, gave effective critiques, and successfully completed their exams.

Organizing Committee would like to sincerely thank the judges for taking their valuable time to evaluate and give suggestions to the contestants at today’s challenge presentation.

And finally, Organizing Committee congratulates TOP 30 High School Board for passing the challenge in Round 3: Affirmation. Hopefully, the teams will continue to keep their spirits up and maximize their abilities to win the chance to become the champion of the CiC Startup Idea Contest 2021.

CiC 2021’s next challenge at Round 4: What’s the breakout? Follow the fanpage of CiC Startup Idea Contest 2021 for more details.

Now, take a look at the pictures at the show:

Challenge presentation program TOP 30 General Board Round 3 – Affirmation

TOP 30 General Board presenting ideas/projects

Contestants in the TOP 30 of the General Board take part in the challenge

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