Yesterday, August 8, 2021, the presentation to select TOP 25 Vietnamese Board took place in parallel with the presentation of the TOP 30 High School Board challenge, marking the end of Round 3: Confirming CiC 2021.

The Vietnamese panelists not only participated in presentations and critiques, but also received comments and suggestions from the judges with extensive knowledge and solid experience in many fields.

Through careful preparation and the efforts and efforts of the contestants, the organizers will select excellent teams to enter Round 4: Breakthrough.

Who will be the contestants to win tickets to enter the TOP 25 CiC Startup Ideas Contest 2021?

Please look forward to the final results of Round 3: Confirmed at Fanpage CiC 2021.

Presentation program selected TOP 25 Vietnamese Table

Candidates participating in the presentation program choose TOP 25 Vietnamese Table

The business model presented by the candidates

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