S4M Engineering Receives Support Package from ITP – A Significant Step for Startup Development

S4M Engineering, one of the leading companies in providing automation solutions and platforms, has received a startup support package from ITP. This is a significant step for the company’s development, as well as for the startup community in Vietnam.

On January 3, 2023, Mr. Le Nhat Quang, Deputy Director of ITP and Director of IEC, presented the startup support package to S4M Engineering. This is a joyful event for both parties, marking the sharing and cooperation within the startup community.

S4M Engineering has officially joined the ITP startup ecosystem and set up an office at position I.008, ITP Software Technology Park, Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to office support, infrastructure, expanded community connections, and advisory support, the support package also helps S4M Engineering to create favorable conditions for operation and expansion.

This startup support package will contribute significantly to S4M Engineering’s development process. As a company providing automation solutions and platforms, S4M Engineering is developing solutions for automation systems, industrial data connectivity, and operation and production management systems. This helps to monitor machine operations and equipment more easily, through vibration and motor current analysis applications, which update real-time machine operations, detect and promptly correct errors of each component.

Furthermore, S4M Engineering focuses on industrial data connectivity – a critical step in the 4.0 industry of factories. Data connectivity helps factories collect, process, and analyze data effectively to make timely and accurate decisions.

For factories, data collection from devices, sensors, machine systems, and the production process is crucial. However, performing this task may encounter many difficulties, from integrating data from various sources to processing and analyzing data to make reasonable decisions. That’s why S4M Engineering has developed an advanced industrial data connectivity solution to help factories perform this task easily and efficiently.

S4M Engineering’s industrial data connectivity solution provides a monitoring, management, and data aggregation system from devices, sensors, and machine systems in the factory, helping to provide an accurate and timely insight into production and operation. This solution can also help factories optimize processes, reduce maintenance costs, and improve productivity.

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