Today, on August 7, 2021 – The Pitching for the English version in Round 3 – Affirmation ended successfully with the participation of 7 well-known judges and all talented candidates.

The contestants who did their presentation and critiques at the Pitching session today have made their best effort and completed the challenge of Round 3 – CiC 2021.

Today, we are honored that all the judges who are professionals in many fields took part in our session today. Due to the precious feedback and evaluation of the Jury, all groups have certainly learned many valued lessons for the next stages.

Congratulations to all the candidates in the English version, you have tried all your best to overcome the challenge of Round 3 – Affirmation CiC 2021. Let’s wait for the final result with us!

English Board Contestant

Participating judges choose TOP 25 English Board Round 3: Confirmation

Candidates of the English Board give presentations and counter-arguments

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