On the morning of December 6th, Vietnam Web Summit 2018 welcomed over 5000 attendees at TTHN Grand Palace in Ho Chi Minh City. This event was considered the most anticipated technology community event at the end of the year, and it brought more than 100 exclusive and unique tech contents to the audience in Ho Chi Minh City.
It was also an opportunity for large domestic and foreign companies to gather in a big playground with over 10,000 participants nationwide. With the waves of investment and development in Vietnam in recent years, domestic giants such as FPT, Viettel, VNG, etc. have started to research and come up with many solutions and ideas to develop AI applications in real life.
Not only large companies, but also hundreds of startups are applying these technologies directly to their products. Some notable names include EyeQ, Cinamon AI labs, etc. This is the clearest sign of a strong technological trend, a new wave in Vietnam in the coming time.
Moreover, with the explosive trend of Blockchain at present, Vietnam is also evaluated as one of the potential countries in the region in this field. The director of IBL (Infiny Blockchain Labs) stated that as of May 2018, there were more than 430,000 open-source projects and 800 startups operating on the Blockchain platform worldwide. Furthermore, if only in the financial payment industry, Blockchain is predicted to create an economy worth 20.3 billion USD by 2030. According to Terry O’Hearn, a Canadian expert, the number of Blockchain users in Vietnam is expected to reach 30 million people in the next 10 years.
At the beginning of the event, speakers shared valuable data on the market and trends that will have a significant impact on businesses in the near future. The audience also had the opportunity to have open exchanges with experts on a wide range of hot topics, including cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain-Fintech, outstanding web technologies for 2019, security, data science, product design, and Growth Hacking in marketing.
The biggest highlight was the keyword “Business Intelligence,” which includes the digitization of businesses and the application of data analysis to make decision-making strategies. Experts predict that this is one of the directions that businesses in Vietnam need to pay attention to in the near future if they want to expand further into international markets.
Therefore, the application of technological innovations in businesses is seen as the golden key to optimizing costs, increasing revenue, and improving customer experiences. Moreover, businesses also need to focus on optimizing their data to help us understand more about customers, revenue streams, as well as analyze and leverage their strengths to expand into new markets.
Brought together by BTC TopDev and sponsored by VECOM (Vietnam E-commerce Association), this year’s event gathers large technology conglomerates from around the world such as Google, Microsoft, Lenovo, Nielsen, and many leading tech startups in Vietnam… With a core value of serving and developing the community, Vietnam Web Summit is not just a pure technology event, but it is also highly regarded by many businesses as a powerful lever that helps technology companies in Vietnam to have more opportunities to meet and connect with potential partners and investors worldwide.
The Vietnam Web Summit event will continue to bring valuable knowledge and great surprises to the audience at the upcoming event in Hanoi on December 13. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain the most valuable knowledge in the current technology market.

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