On October 5-6, 2022, in Tra Vinh Province, the Department of Education and Training organized a training course on entrepreneurship with a wide range of topics, from implementing entrepreneurship training activities for students, to digital transformation for education and innovation in schools, to leadership in implementing entrepreneurship training activities. The training course was for leaders of the Department of Education and Training, principals, and vice principals of high schools in the province.

It is known that the focused topics in the training course were “The role of educational reform in entrepreneurship,” “Leadership in innovation,” and “The role of schools in local economic development.” These topics are crucial for local economic development, and education leaders have an important role in promoting these activities.

In the training course, experts in education and entrepreneurship shared their experiences and necessary knowledge to help leaders better understand entrepreneurship and innovation. In particular, Mr. Le Nhat Quang, representing the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of HCM National University – IEC, along with Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung, a technology management expert, participated in the training course, and Mr. Thai Chuong, CEO of Cohota (Edtech), shared his valuable experiences.

With the participation of experts, the training course has helped leaders understand the role of education reform in entrepreneurship, innovative leadership, and the role of schools in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. Experts have shared their valuable experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation, helping leaders gain more knowledge, skills, and strategies to integrate entrepreneurship and innovation into education.

In addition, the training course also focused on digital transformation in education and innovation in schools. In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and the Internet of Things have become supportive tools for entrepreneurship and innovation. To meet the requirements of the times, schools need to have digital transformation and innovation in education. This training course has helped leaders understand the importance of digital transformation and innovation in education, thereby providing appropriate strategies to apply in schools.

Last of all, the training course on entrepreneurship and innovation has contributed significantly to the development of education and entrepreneurship in Tra Vinh province. Knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation as well as digital transformation in education has been improved, helping leaders in the education sector gain more knowledge, skills, and strategies to advance Vietnamese education on the path of development.

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